Instantly build proposals by selecting meaningful metrics and visuals that clients understand.
Integrate proposals into onboarding packages that serve as a strong foundation for your new client relationships.
Tie in your brand experience with customization options that reflect your brand’s colours, logo, and messaging.

We kept flexibility and utility in mind, all while making it beautiful.

Feel confident when presenting client materials, in-person or virtually.

Build proposals in seconds.

Bring your recommendation together by effortlessly configuring which metrics, charts, and tables appear in your proposal. Tie in your client’s risk profile and financial plan for a complete picture of their investments and goals.

Create a consistent customer experience.

Sharing your firm’s brand story is key to establishing long-term relationships with your clients. Extend the impact of your marketing materials by incorporating your logo and brand colours in your proposals.
With customizable proposals, we’ve made it simple to create a seamless customer experience.

Get your clients involved.

Building trust with clients has never been more challenging. That’s why we make it easy to adapt your proposal to suit your client’s comfort level and experience with investing. Pick and choose the information presented to avoid overwhelming your client with data they do not need.

Optimized for virtual meetings.

We’re built for screen sharing so you can enjoy virtual meetings with your clients. Share your CapIntel application screen via your favourite video conferencing platform, walk clients through live comparisons and analytics, and make changes on the fly.

Present ESG analytics simply

Bring ESG datapoints to life with easy-to-understand graphics in your client’s proposal. Pair it with educational content to help clients understand at a glance.

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