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We’re helping wealth management firms grow their practice with an intuitive sales platform that helps impress clients, save time, and drive sales.
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Intuitively designed. So you can focus on your clients.

See long term improvements in sales and time saved with CapIntel.
Vetted Data Sources

Compare investments with ease.

Access a universe of millions of products: mutual Funds, ETFs, seg funds, fund of funds, equities, and bonds. Compare an infinite number of products head-to-head or combine them into portfolios to make direct recommendations to clients. We’ve partnered with the top fund data distributors so you can feel confident that your comparisons are up-to-date and accurate.
Proposal Builder

Beautiful proposals to help you close business.

In as little as 3 clicks, build customized client presentations using beautiful templates or personalized data selections that best speak to your clients needs. Display valuable metrics that help educate your client without the bloat of data-heavy presentations.
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work directly with your team.

We’ve designed CapIntel to share throughout teams and enterprises. Have an assistant enter a client’s statement, share comparisons between team members, and add notes and commentary ─ all to save time and work better together.
Absolute Security

Secure by design.

We understand data privacy and the need for advanced security controls in a cloud-based, digital world. That’s why we make the security of you and your clients’ data our top priority. We’re also SOC 2 Type 1 certified.
Coming Soon

Two-way Integration with Salesforce.

Get the most out of CapIntel with our seamless integration with Salesforce, available for Enterprise accounts. Avoid double-work by accessing your Salesforce client files directly from the CapIntel platform.

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Whether you’re an independent advisor or a large wealth enterprise, CapIntel can help you best manage your practice.
Keep all your models and favourite funds organized.
Store and manage your contacts all in one place.
Look professional with, easy-to-understand client presentations, and close deals in 1 to 2 meetings.
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